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Become More Effective.

Help your students practice, build your personal brand, and make some money while doing it.

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Share videos with your students to continue the learning experience outside the dance studio.

Don't limit your students' learning to just inside the classroom. Help your students grow even after they leave.


Video is important to learning new choreography

Students use videos to practice but not all can follow the steps in the video

But you don't want to waste time going over everything from the last class...

TeachMe allows you to make sure that all your students' questions are answered while they're practicing so that everyone is on the same page.



Teaching your students is just the beginning.

Imagine if you can also reach new students who are eager to learn choreography from you

There are millions of dancers across the country who are always looking for new choreographers to learn from

TeachMe gives you the power to reach several students across the country without them having to come to your studio.



We want to make sure that each student receives excellent  feedback from you when they ask questions

Share your teacher code with your students and we will send you $3/month for each new student who subscribes to you

Just be sure to keep answering their questions.


Do Teachers pay to use TeachMe?

No. TeachMe is 100% free to teachers and allows each teacher to upload an unlimited number of videos for their students.

How do I set it up ?

All you have to do is download TeachMe and create your classes. You can then start uploading practice videos for each one of your classes.

How can my students find me?

When you sign up for TeachMe, you will receive a teacher code to share with any of your students so they can subscribe to your classes.


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